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Two Voices

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Like mouthpieces I’ve found that a different crook / neck can change the sound of a sax. Loving the 92 Necks on my 901 series! Milling through the website again (I really should stop!) I saw these beautiful looking crooks! The Warburton’s. Not only are they gourgous to look at but they look ideal for a multi-mouthpiece users like myself!

Apposed to having a cork on the crook, Warburton’s have an 'initiator' which is the silver bit the mouthpiece slides onto. According to their website you can have an initiator for each mouthpiece and simply screw on and off to change!

I had to put my cork over some steam last night to get a an Otto-Link STM 8* to fit. Now its too big for my usual ebonite piece on that crook! So these Warburton crooks look the ticket for me!

Has anyone tried one out yet? are stocking the F, A and S models, links below:

Warburton F50 'Ultimate' Unlacquered Brass Tenor Neck Complete
Warburton A50 'Ultimate' Unlacquered Brass Tenor Neck Complete
Warburton S50 'Ultimate' Unlacquered Brass Tenor Neck Complete
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Fraser Jarvis

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Thats a brilliant idea, i guess when those o- rings wear out you can just replace them, and with different thicknesses for different mouth pieces.

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