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In the OP's clip at 1:49 its not the Adderly trill.

Its a repeated 4 note figure G A C A altoland notes...aka concert Bb C Eb C with some trill note thrown on top Have to listen more to figure the rest out but its a cool lick so will get it figured. No video slowing down skills :confused:

Its played over the 4 (Bb concert) chord in the 12 bar blues form of this tune
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My apologies, I didn't even look at the video, just responded to the post about Adderley trill.

No this is not an Adderley trill, just a bit of nice finger waggling that creates a visual effect (something I used to do quite a lot). So basically playing a fast B - A - G with a trill on the B. I don't hear the right hand doing anything apart from possibly hitting the E side key, but maybe it actually is doing more but I can't hear it. Looks good though.
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