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What’s a good mic to start with?


Studham Bedfordshire
Don't know where to start on this, i want to get myself miked up and play through a loudspeaker.
Where do i start, what type of mike, how do i connect it, do i need software? how to connect top spekaer etc. Any info greatly received and appreciated. Thanks in advance, Phil:w00t:
Are you playing on your own or in a group that has PA ?

When I joined a covers band a few years ago, I started out with an AKG clip-on mic that we fed into the keyboard player's amp. It worked quite well and as the amp was behind me I could use it as foldback (i.e. hearing the sax playing amplified). It didn't feedack, although you might well have expected it to with its own amplified sound aiming towards the mic - presumably the AKG is very directional.

Over the years with this band I have moved away from a clip-on mic to a stand mic that feeds into the desk and the PA. It is a dynamic vocal mic that seems to work well with a sax. An on/off switch on the mic can be quite useful. I now use a 'Soundback' sheet of perspex that clips to the mic and bounces back the acoustic sound of my sax directly to my ears. This works really well and heps stop me overblowing in competition to guitars, singers, drums etc.

If it's you on your own, then a simple dynamic mic going into a keyboard or maybe bass amp should be fine. Others on the forum can probably suggest amps which work well with sax. The size depends on how much amplification you need (for instance how large and noisy is the environment you are playing in ?).

You won't need any software, unless you start getting into recording.

Hope that helps

I use a dynamic mic on a stand (SM57 in my case, but any reasonable generic dynamic vocal mic should give at least acceptable results). The advantage of using a mic on a stand as opposed to a clip on is that you can get away from it when you want to.

I use a Shure SM57 with a goose neck on a stand. The clip-on microphone I used picked up the noise from the sax-keys. Mine was a cheap one. You can get a SM 57 into the bell of the sax.

I use a amp+12" speaker with built-in CD player/recorder. You can mix your sax with reverb. Also possible to change keys, This is good if you want to practise hornlines with a backup CD. At home you can use headphones. An Alesis WildFire 60 W 12" is also good.

What's one of those? Some mythical creature akin to the tooth fairy or the Easter Bunny? Or just a severely endangered species...... ;}
SM57 on a stand for me... though King Salami are such a jump about kind of band I'm tempted to dig out my old AKG clip on just ot get in on the action....

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