Saxophones Weltklang full pearl back from overhaul.


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Hi all,

I just thought I would share with you that today at 7.30am! I received my Weltklang full pearl back from overhaul-repad etc from Griff.

Wow! Now this is what I am talking about in my threads, there are some whom are obviously clueless, some are good, but Griff's, I would rate as Top work+++++! The sax plays effortlessley, beefy tone, bright and broad, I am really overwhelmed at the sheer genius of his work.. simply a Tina Turner one.!:D:thumb:

I cannot find the Worship icon! but just for Griff :hugging: :D

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
Well done Griff, he's our man!:thanks3::banana::clapping:

Indeed, I am so pleased I have been lucky to find a first rate tech, subsequently, I have played it all afternoon, it is really surprising just how good these are! I just cannot imagine why some feel sour towards them.
Mel et al Thanks for your kind words.:blush:
Kev, I don't have the legs for mini skirts.
I do however have a massive afro wig.
Well nothing got bent out of shape anyway and the New year Fancy dress party / Free for all Jam night (2010 I think it was) was a laugh , I was fed up with going as Uncle fester or Riff Raff (or some other bald lunatic) and I like Carol Vorderman, (or was it Liz Hurley) anyway ..
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