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Well there was this Drummer...


Oxfordshire, England
Our Drummer was chatting to a local landlord last night who happened to mention he was leaving his Pub imminently and fancied a bit of a leaving bash...
with live music...
Tomorrow night...
and the Drummer said...
yeah we'll do it - when do you want us?

The first I heard about it was an email that said here's the Set List for the Red Lion - see you at practise toninght - we're running 2 X 45 minute sets on Wednesday - put sax in all you can.
This is the list:

Honky Tonk Woman
I Love To Boogie
Proud Mary
Paint It Black
House Of The Rising Sun
Black Magic Woman
Mustang Sally
Stand By Me
Running Down The Dream

Maggie May
Let Your Love Flow
Knocking On Heavens Door
Bad Moon Rising
Sloop John B
These Boots Are Made for Walking
Meet Me On The Corner
I’m A Believer

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Whiskey In The Jar

The 2 or 3 in bold - I have solos for but the rest are going to have to be Chord/Scales jobs unless anyone has any suggestions?


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Surrey, UK
Hi Amaranth,

Are you playing Bb or Eb saxes or both ?

Some of those songs I have got sax parts for for the band I play in:

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (tenor part including guitar solo written out)
These Boots are Made for Walking (I think I have a tenor part)
I'm a Believer (alto part - just fills)

I've also got good tenor parts for a couple of the songs you already have - Mustang Sally and Proud Mary.

Let me have your email address (PM if you don't want it to be public) and I'll send some parts over.

Good luck !


PS We also play several of the other songs but without sax.


Oxfordshire, England
Hi Rhys,
That would be great - I play Tenor
Anything you have would be much appreciated - thank you
I'll try and PM you - not tried it yet though so may post back in a mo
Thanks again


West Row, Suffolk
Ha Ha

I'm glad it's not just me this sort of thing happens to, although I have to add its been pretty good in our current band.

The other classic trick is not to allow the guitarist to socialise with the keyboard player, they have a nasty habbit of changing keys during their alcahol fuelled discussions, without telling anybody else until the gig! Keep them apart!

Good luck though mate, you should be able to wing it on most of them, I would find the chords and key notes when the pieces start and gradually feed yourself in, don't try and overcomplicate and repitition is good!


Oxfordshire, England
Well practice went ok until a random Alto player with a solo obsession and a Trombone player turned up assuming it was an open mic night. The lead guitarist got very annoyed, the vocallist had a row with the Rythm Guitar player and got a bit miffed with another singer who "helped" on a couple of the original singer's tracks, The drummer (who it turns out might have accidentally invited the Alto and Trombone) joined in and it all got a bit playground ish. And me? I got totally drowned out by the dynamic duo from the gospel band.
Ah well, see what happens tonight I suppose, (assuming the Drummer managed to get a Van to move the gear).
Now what shall I wear? my OH said something loud cos my Tenor sure isn't!!
I could go for the Rock Chick look but I fear it might come out as Rock Battery Hen ;}


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North of Liskeard, Cornwall,UK
Merlyn is only an Agility dog when the weaher is cool - any sunshine and he's on his back asleep;}
Agility is fun - have a go :)

I'm afraid that at our respective ages I and my 11-year-old colliedog Bizzles find a stiff walk for about a mile quite enough without jumping over things and running through them. Mind, I find I have enough energy to play the sax for hours and he sings along for just as long so we get by. :)


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