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Saxophones Well I've done it.


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A few weeks ago I posted a thread entitled "should I upgrade my beginners sax" to which a few of you replied.Some offered advice of patience,some of developing my technique,and others of encouragement to go for it,as lifes too short.Well I had a little misshap whilst packing my sax up for my weekly lesson,I knocked off the octave key pad!.I hastily made a temporary repair,with carefull use of the trusty tube of UHU glue,and went to my lesson.My tutor immediately detected the differance in the sound of my sax,and after explaining what had happened he sugested I pop allong to my local repairer to get it checked out,which I did,Band Supplies in Leeds.It turned out that the pad did need replacing,but while there I thought I'd just check out the latest offering from Trevor James,as this had been highly recommended by my tutor.So off the wall came the black frosted classic 2,and upstairs we went to the demo room.Thirty minutes later I emmerged with a huge grin,the clarity,projection and bass tone response was ammazing!,plus the improved ergonomics of an up to date instrument blew me away.No pressure whatsoever was placed on me to buy,but the fact that this sax had been set up professionally,plus the 5 year warranty meant the writing was on the wall.I was offered £210 off list price plus a new Selmer C* mpc for my old sax in part-ex by Chris the manager,deal done.Me and TJ are now enjoying a fantastic bonding session,yes I know I should possibly tried a huge selection of other sax's,but this really did do it for me.Many thanks to the boys at Band Supplies.


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Congratulations on the new sax, you will be very happy together, I can feel it in my bones!


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I really like TJ classics- nice big sound and really easy blowing.... have taken them out on gigs before now and found they acquit themselves very well indeed as a 'back up' horn.


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Congratulations to both Trevor and James for bringing a big smile to your face! You'll now have to contact Tom and Will to see about a sexy looking gig bag......................................!

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