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Jazz Wayne Shorter

Wayne's always been incredible, he's never been a 'licks and runs' type player and can come up with stuff that no one else could think of - the live recordings of Miles's quintet in the mid 60's are particularly brilliant (eg ) but his current band is probably the best modern jazz outfit you'll ever hear. Being able to walk on stage with no idea what you're going to play and do what they do is unbelievable.. until you actually hear them do it..
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Well at the end of the film I was atad emotional.Yes tears in my eyes,lump in my throat. Not happened for a while but when I get drawn into this kind of pure genius art making I cant help it. This video is just that , art at its interstellar out there best. Thanks Altissimo for sharing this gem :welldone,
As for Shorter well most on here know I'm a mega Shorter fan and this is why.
The Jazz a Viènne concert video I've seen a zillion times, I must be responsible for half of the view count...

But this french documentary, I hadn't seen it before (right now I'm watching it for the 3rd time since it was posted here), WOW! Thanks so much for posting it!

Also, a big Wayne Shorter (Quartet) documentary is being made right now, due to be released somewhere in 2014. It is actually a pledge project that has already acquired its goal. But one can still pledge and buy goodies, and support the making of this beautiful film-to-be, check out this website, (they are also on facebook I believe).

Keep sharing the epic Shorter stuff!


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