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Wayne Shorter is one of my all time favourites...!


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I was listening to one of my Lee Morgan Albums - "Search For The New Land" which has Wayne on Tenor Sax and Herbie Hancock on piano amongst others. Apart from being an overall great album it reminded me of how much I like Wayne Shorter's Sax playing.

If I was in a quintet, playing trumpet, I would prefer Wayne Shorter to John Coltrane. Both have a lovely and distinctive sound, but Wayne seems more focussed in his playing & improvising - he knows when to stop and how far to take an improvisation such that it sounds more like a theme and variation, than a tune and unrelated improvisation.

Both have written some superb tunes, but Wayne seems less introverted, more of a team player as well as being very skilled technically. Anyone not familiar with his playing should listen to albums such as "Adam's Apple", "Speak No Evil" & "The All Seeing Eye" as well as several of Miles Davis's Albums also from the mid 60's such as "ESP" & "Nefertiti".

So just want to recommend Wayne Shorter as one of the top Tenor Sax players - still going strong today at 77!

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Can only agree Tom,

There are quite a few podcast interviews of him availiable, which back up his multiple talents and are rather interesting listening. (he talks about early days with Miles!)

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