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Warning, another fake Yamaha Sax On Ebay


My experience also has been that when white gloves are provided, beware! The finish or something is not right. why? because a long time a go a friend of mine bought a sax from a place called kk music store without asking me about it first (not that I am be be-all of sax knowledge), but I could have at least steered him toward a used conn or some such at least a Bundy student model would have been better than what he got. It was a complete disaster. would not even tune to A=440 (or 442 for that matter). and it came with white gloves. Have never seen that on a quality sax.

Greg Strange

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The sax on the uk e-bay web-site appears to have photographs of various models attached to it, obviously dodgy.

On a side note I like daveysaxboy's website - the only problem he's going to have to employ somebody full time just to maintain the 'Gear List' page - that's out of date already...:)))

The link that Beckmesser posted the Yamaha YAS62 series horn on that web-site does not seem quite kosher and what the hell is a Professional New Phyllis??:shocked:


Greg S.
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Careful - the ad says replica YAS 275. Doesn't mention yamaha. Even if the pics show the Yamaha emblem.

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