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Just saw this on one of the sponsored ads on this Site (like, it abslolutely must be relavant to SAX - Hmm?)

Clicked through to the site and its this kind of metal plug that you stick in your gob and yank on. Supposed to be great for woodwind too (don't listen to me, have a look)
My question is: Has anyone tried one? Probably not..
There are loads of testimonials on the site (only one from a sax player)
What would be your educated guess? (waste of time and money OR quite good when you're watching telly or doing emails.. well actually you have to hold it like a lollipop and pull so not much fun unless you type with one finger..

No, I'm not going to tell you what sax i got..
I'm just trying to imagine the looks/comments I'd get if I sat in a meeting with one of those in my mush. "Giving up smoking, eh?"
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Generally speaking, I'm a bit of a sceptic, and I make no exception for this product. Honestly, one of the 'testimonials' said that after three months of using the product for 20 minutes each day, an improvement was noted. I would suggest that 20 minutes of actually playing the instrument each day for three months would have a much greater effect. And instead of looking like an overgrown baby for 20 minutes a day, the player would also have got the enjoyment of playing some music.
As a trombone player I can see the usefulness, very much so, in strengthening the embouchure as the lips/mouth produce the sound exclusively and require a straight air stream, not just provide air support as with the sax mouthpiece.

I cannot see a major benefit for sax, as Jon says better to just play for longer and get on with it. I've not got one yet as they are only now available in uk.

Kind regards
I saw the necks too.

I was put off by the marketing:

"Four rubber O-Rings have replaced the cork for a solid physical and acoustical connection which in turn provides more efficient transfer of the sound energy from your mouthpiece to the neck and then into the instrument."

My italics on the word "acoustical" there.
The woodwind ones are the same as brass, just made out slightly larger ( or smaller, I forget) and made from plastic I think it was. I should think for brass it's great in practise, though not mind blowingly world changing like their testimonials suggest... Though as someone with access to a professional machine shop I don't think the price I'd justified :p

They can only charge that because they're the only ones making them.

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