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Wanted, used Tenor case.


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Thanks in advance for reading this.

I am looking for a used hard shelled tenor case (at a reasonable price of course :D )
Donation to cafesax charity of choice either included in the price or left to me, I'm easy on that.

Ideally, a Hiscox or a good 'fully' shaped case and probably black.

As my bad luck would have it, I recently sold a spare shaped case I had. It was no big loss and I needed the space, then I bought another sax in a case that's barely fit for purpose. :(
I 2nd that the Hiscox is the best going and you cant go wrong with 1 of them.I just sold a old Protec not long back so ya just missed out there.Check Pete Scaddan at Studiosaxophones and see what he's got,i got my 2 (tenor,alto) wacky Ivory coloured Hiscox pro 2 case's from him and i love them.They look great and if you want to be different those are the 1's.
Thanks for that Daveysb!
Ivory sounds cool too!
So did you find a case or you going to be a wacky kind of guy and get the ivory Hiscox?:shocked:

I must admit I'm tempted by the Ivory, and if I can't find a used case it may be the answer.
But for now....still looking, no cafe sax offers so far :(
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