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Wanted tenor Runyon Quantum or Smooth bore 7 or 8 for Possible PPT Bari swap


Busking Oracle
Rugby UK
Hi all, I've decided to go for a new mouthpiece for my tenor. I think I already know what I want. I'm looking for either a Runyon Quantum 7 or 8 or a Runyon Smooth bore 7 or 8. I'd like either in metal but I'd like to try them first. Does anyone have either lying around that they'd be prepared to lend me for a couple of weeks trial, or even be willing to sell.
I'm also considering selling or swapping my PPT bari piece. Its in superb condition with only a slight mark of which I'll try to take some photos.
Naturaly a donation to Petes wonderful charity will be on it's way from me depending on the outcome of the sale/swap
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