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Wanted, saxophone quartet music & small band scores


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All,

I posted in the playing section too but I'm hoping there's someone out there who can help?! I play in a small big band and we have a couple of summer gigs coming up. Does anyone have any scores for a saxophone quartet, any small band arrangements for 9-10 players?
We are ideally looking for jazz numbers, but blues, funk, soul or anything would be great. Even classical would be rather nice for 4 saxes. Anything really! As long as we can get it together in time I think it would sound good

Obviously I'm happy to cover costs and postage etc. Hoping there's people out there who may be able to help! Please get in touch :)

Thank you,
I've got a few arrangements knocking around - what sort of standard were you looking for?

Hi Saxnik, thank you for your reply to my post which I've only just seen. I've had so many helpful responses and now received some music from 2 members. If you have any Sammy Nestico or similar available that would be most helpful. Probably around a grade 5 playing ability so that everyone is comfortable and it's been requested pieces prefereable without impro chords in. Simply because we need to get something together and have it polished as a group fairly soon.

Many thanks and much appreciated if you can help. I understand I may have to be more specific!

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