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Wanted: Otto Link Tonemaster,Tenor


Well-Known Member
Isle of Wight, United Kingdom
Hi Folks

I am on the look out for an Otto Link Tonemaster for Tenor (ebonite only please) either a 6, 6* or7 lay is of interest.

Bet there is one lying in a drawer somewhere feeling unloved.


IIRC the ToneMasters are metal - if you're after the ebonite one, I think they go by the name of 'Tone Edge'.

Lemme know if that's what you're interested in & what you'd be looking to pay. I think I should have a 6* ToneEdge somewhere.
Your Right Tone Edge for the Ebonite. I have a budget of £45. How does that sound?


Hi Dave,

that sounds a bit low, was hoping for around a tenner more (it's been played for around 10 hours total...), but let me have a look whether I can find the actual mouthpiece & will get back to you if i do, & perhaps then we can discuss the details.

Because I used it so rarely, it's likely that i've actually left that mouthpiece at home, and couldn't find it anywhere in sight, but will have a nother rummage throught the bags & drawers, & let you know if it appears. meanwhile, if anyone else has a ToneEdge, do get in touch with Dave :)

Hi Daniel

I am sure that we can come to an arrangment. Its my Birthday this week, so I will probably end up with a donation from a relative that can go towards it. Let me know if you find it.

As Daniel said are there any others out there?



John Talcott

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