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Hi. There are many versions of this " Chess " classic. The one i am familiar with, has the great Gene Barge playin tenor. Take a look on you tube. About six down; " the best version ". I would agree. As to whether or not it is Gene, i just dont know. Apologies for no link. Wang dang doodle Koko Taylor and Willie Dixon. The tenor solo is, well you decide.
Hi Bud,
My favourite is Willie Dixon's version, which was crying out for a sax solo IMO.Have you heard Gene Barges " Night with daddy G" by the Church street five", same as Quarter to Three by US Bond's but just sax?. Gene Barge was the guy who inspired me to play sax, him and King Curtis and Junior Walker who i saw live in the 80s awesome. As for the Tenor solo i just can't tell, maybe or maybe not. One guy who will know is John Laughter, anyway thank's for the post Bud, by the way the Church Street five are on you Tube if you've not heard them. Take it easy mate.
Mornin guys. Rob, tremendous post man. Informative, somte terrific suggestions. I was lucky enough to see " Southside Johnny " years back. AMAZING. Kev. Hi man. On my listing it is six down. Access " W.D.D."; black and white pic. of KoKo and Willie. Next to that, in brackets. ( The best version ).
Rob. Took a glimpse on you tube. " Daddy G " i have heard many times. There is some amazing cuts on there man. However; Monday is a major shed day. Get the week off in the right way. Lookin forward to this evening. There is a secret record store near me Rob. They dont even have a website; that old school. Need.any rare vinyl man, i can sure check for you. Most of the original " Chess " was snapped up years back. Still a treasure of a place. Let me know man. Have a great day. Thankyou. P.S. general opinion please. Do i keep the suggestions minus links; or is it too much hassle for people. No side man. An honest question.
Hi Bud,
Thank's for the post's, and thank's for the offer of vinyl. As it happens there is a record store near me in Manchester UK where they have old records. But i no longer have a record deck anymore, all CDs and MP3s i'm afraid. You can get most of the greats on CD now, it's not as good as the real thing i know but i make do.Regarding suggestions minus links, i never give links cause i dont know how to.If it's on You Tube that's all i say.Anyway Bud have a great practice keep your chop's in.
About Wang Dang Doodle; ... backing Koko Taylor on vocals were Gene Barge and Donald Hawkins on saxophones .... . A saxplayer I don't anything about. There were some good and less known saxplayers in the recordings studios in Chicago in the 60's. One of my favourite saxplayer Red Prysock recorded for Chess records as well.

Hi Thomas. Thanks man. Donald Hawkins? Nope! Red Prysock is too much. Ever notice how high that guy slung his horn? Speakin of which. R&B players. How high do you sling? The album " Red Hot" is a great intro to Reds work. Shedtime.
Thom, hi man. You have some incredible horns dude. Unreal. Sweden? Nice man, nice. This phone; I have only just come on. I can tell straight away; Poor signal. No worries. I want to check Chris' download. Check Phils site. Thinking about baris all day. I gotta replace that Zephyr. I think thats it. Amazing.Thom. Tell me man; you, or anybody hear of a vintage tenor " Reynolds"?

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