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Walstein TS-P Tenor


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Round and round we go...

I'm getting into trouble for cluttering up the music - sorry, dining - room with saxophones, so with some reluctance this is the one chosen to go. It's a hard choice, but I don't get on with it quite as well as its slightly younger brass sibling.

Bought in November from another member here, this is a Walstein (i.e. pre-Bauhaus-W) phosphor bronze tenor. Comes with case and original mouthpiece, and I can provide the Yamaha 6c I got with it if you want, though I'd be happy to hang on to that as it may be useful to #2 son when he grows into a tenor player!

The case zip has had it, but there's a strap round it which is fine for home use.

Starting the asking at £300 (with the usual 5% to Pete's charity): leave it long enough and it'll either be (a) cheaper or (b) gone.

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