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half diminished

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Gents and ladies

Currently re-oganising the office/music room and I need to fit a wall mounted stand that I can hang my tenor on. Any suggestions? Seem to recall this being discussed before but I couldn't find the thread.

Taa in advance. :)
Saxrax do them, not the cheapest but very good.
This is what i did.

I used the upper part of a cheap sax stand and had some custom brackets make by a local fabricator (£30 for two)

I will need to get another couple made as I have two more saxes.

Works really well and if you are doing a gig you can use the stand in it's original base

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Thanks everyone. The Hercules one does indeed have a slot mount and no one seems to stock the Saxrax one. I've had to email them direct. :(

Nothing is easy is it!
Do you want me to see about getting some more brackets made up

Do you want me to see about getting some more brackets made up


It's a kind offer. Basically, I'm a little pressed for time. Mrs hd wants the office re-done as things are a bit of a mess (she's right) and I need to get as much done as possible this weekend as the following 2 weekends are out. Once the office is re-done I can buy my Mac Pro (unless she changes her mind again!) so I need to press on.

Thing is I play the tenor all the time and so I was hoping to 'carry on' as usual and as there will be no space for a 'proper' stand I would like to get on with it straight away. Also drilling will cause some mess and I'm hopeful I can get all the mess out of the way this weekend.

I have to add 4 new sockets, strip the wallpaper, fit new skirting boards, remove, fill and plaster an old vent, paint and then re-set the desks etc. All in one weekend!

It's not the end of the world if I have to wait for the bracket I guess and I may have no option anyway. So how much and how long for your contraption? I do have an old stand like yours that could be modded.
I think they cost me £30 for two and they were just bare metal.

I painted them with some hammerite or similar

It might be easier to get a local firm to you to make some up

I will draw up a set of plans tonight if i have time

Mamos, if I'm not being too cheeky, I'd like a set of your plans as well please. I think its a superb bracket but I'd probably fix the stand part to the bracket to make it a one piece item. Thanks in advance. ;}
I will put a copy up for all to use

Can I post a pdf on the site?

I will put a copy up for all to use

Can I post a pdf on the site?


Sorry don't know, haven't tried to do it, but that bracket idea looks really good so I will be interested too in the plans
Don't get a shock, or you ill be turning up in Rugby(busking) in May with a spikey stile hairdoo.....and you wont be able to wear your new hat.:)))
Trust a sparky!!!

Nah, 's'ok. I've completely rewire a house before. I just need to extend the ring in the office. Fortunately there's only 1 sold wall and that'll just get 1 double! I hate all that chasing out mess but at least as it's a FF room I can come up rather than go down!!! :)
Ffortissimo stand

I use one of these for my alto I was assured it will take a tenor.

Available around 30 quid


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Here are the plans as a pdf

They should be 1:1 scale so you could print them out and use as a template.



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It is. Have just mounted the stand on a picture hanger in order to photograph it. Held in its rightful place by two solid wall hooks at extremes of mount. I could probably hang myself from these hooks, and probably will if my playing doesn't improve soon.
Thank goodness for that Al

I thought you were hanging your precious horn from a brass picture hook from the pound shop


Superb bracket and good drawing, thanks Mamos.

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