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Mouthpieces Wake up Nick! New Ligature Review - Jean Marc........

Hi There!

Today I took delivery of my new Jean Marc soprano sax ligature, and have just been giving it a play with my usual set up of BW Bronze Curvie, Berg Larsen 70/1 ebonite and Marca 2.5 reeds. Having focussed a lot on soprano over the last few weeks, and preferring the sound of my Selmer 1 screw metal lig over my Vandoren Masters metal lig, I was quite amazed at the sound resulting from the JM metal ligature.

The sound was immediately more 3 dimensional, unbelievably tuneful and had a beautifully resonant tone too. It was so much easier to produce a sound than previously - quite effortless - and I continue to be amazed at how good the BW is.

I read Steve Neffs online review and some of the comments on SOTW, and have to concur with the results found. The ligature looks not unlike the Vandoren Optimum, is a one screw unlacquered metal ligature and has two thin, aparallel wooden structures built in to the part that holds the reed. Apparently Jean, whose main occupation is as an instrument repairer in Montreal, Canada, has done a lot of research into the physics of sound production and developed his ligature accordingly. His ligatures are custom made and he will ask what particular mouthpiece you use before selecting the right ligature design.

The ligatures cost 65 Canadian Dollars + 10 shipping (approx £45 in total). Mine arrived by post, with no VAT, import duty or anything to pay.

Jean does also make a Custom ligature for the PPT (someone in Canada commissioned it), and also for Link STM's.
So, an excellent product in my opinion that eclipses both the other metal ligatures I normally use.

Anyway, Nick W will be along shortly to trumpet the virtues of the new blu-tack so I'm off.....................................;}

Kind regards
Tom :cool:
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You see what I mean about "Quick Response".......:shocked::w00t:;}

Sorry that Reading did not go up, BTW
Fund Raising Endeavour ...

I was going to say - I am wide awake!!!

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But are you keeping up with your training and your fund raising activities - its not to long now Nick ;}
Hi Tony - I am indeed. I've managed 1500m in a lake in my wetsuit (plus a few other open water swims), cycled the bike route at the weekend (25 miles) and got a 10k race tonight. I think I'm in good shape for the triathlon!! thanks again for the sponsorship, I've managed to raise nearly £800 so far.

Tom, shame about Reading, but I don't really agree with this money spinning, playoff business. Swansea finished third, so they should have gone up automatically!
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I'm sure he can make one out of Blu-tack if needs be....................;}
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