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Good Morning, allgood? Good. so, Friday evening,a bite of jerk chicken,lost me half a filling. Saturday, dentist.Ironic, but it turned out to be agood thing.My dental hassles meant i spent periods withno bottom front two,as the next denture was made, or tweaked. in short,ideveloped a double emb.The filling,a little tender for a couple of days, reinforced the need to ease off on top.The double really is too much.I know a bunch of guys, who are getting into D. E. Anybody here? Best,Bud.xx


Hi Bud,
I've been using a Double embouchure for year's. But mine differs in that i play with my bottom lip out slightly, and i use my lip muscles to keep the m/ piece in place. My teeth don't touch the m/piece at all. The reason i went with this method was when i used my teeth when i first started 1. It was not comfy for me.
2. It seemed to muffle the tone.
3. It didn't look right.
So i have a mate who played clarinet in the army years ago, and now plays in two or three bands. He plays Tenor & Alto and it was he who advised me to try it. After about 1 month of intonation problems my lips grew stronger and i never had any more problems.
The sax seemed to vibrate with no teeth being used, i could feel it vibrating through my fingers, also much more comfy for me. I love playing like this so much more relaxing for me anyway.
Cheers Rob.
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