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Heres a little review some of you might find useful.

I've had my Conn for over 25 years and have to guiltily admit to spending not as much as a brass farthing on her. Always patching things up and making do. I don`t know how I managed to gig for years without any drastic events but if that was my share of luck then it explains why I never win the lotto.

Thanks to Stephens Manual I've managed to replace springs and corks and improve the action but she still needs a re-pad . I have no idea how old the pads are but the sax was made in 1935 so they could be very very old.

Anyway. Today I received a consignment from Music of their rather Nifty Voodoo Pad Juice . Things are quiet at work so I have been able to try it out straight away. I am lucky/Unlucky to run my own shop and always have 3 of my 4 saxes on hand in their stands ready to have a quick toot etc.

I followed the instructions for the juice applying to the pads of the Tenor. Then waited for it to dry.
The results were incredible The sax is playing down to low B like a whisper and even the Bb is getable with a tiny bit more whatever it takes. The mid and top end also seem easier to play and keep in tune.

I honestly can't remember the horn ever being as good and I hope the results last for a while as I just can't afford that re-pad at the Mo.

Incidentally I've also done my old Selmer Sterling Alto and newish Elkhart Soprano and all my stickyness seems to have been sorted.

I definitely recommend this Voodoo Juice.

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I honestly can't remember the horn ever being as good and I hope the results last for a while as I just can't afford that re-pad at the Mo.

Did you try lighter fluid first? It's a lot less risky.I believe anything like this (including Pledge furniture polish) can sort all kinds of pad problems out, but only in the short term. So if you can't afford a repad this could well improve things, but I think sooner or later will cause more problems than it cures as gunk gets into the leather.

Anyway, I'm glad it's sorted your horn out, ad I hope I'm wrong about this!

BTW, Stephen's book is great, but I don't think he recommends putting products on the pads, or does he?


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Hi, I'm glad that it worked out for you. However, I'd be very wary about adding anything to the pads of my saxes. Particulalry so in this case, asVoodoo Pad Juice isn't a product. It comes from Sax Gourmet, the trading name of Steve Goodson, who has marketed a number of products the benefit of which could be regarded as, well, questionable.

Stephen Howard

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As far as I know Voodoo pad juice is a sort of leather oil product.
I don't normally advise putting this kind of stuff on pads - but in the case of very old pads it can help to soften up the leather.
It's really a sort of last-ditch mod before you have to bite the bullet and have the pads changed.
You'd probably find that any commercial leather cream would do much the same job.



Hi Clive,

I liked your Maids of Miitchelstown on myspace. Is that a soprano? Are you in a friendly key is you were to paly this with fiddles and whistles etc?




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hi Tanny. Thanks for the comp.

These 2 tunes are By me and a folk guitarist from Edinburgh called Freddie Kay. He Plays DADBAD and it is indeed on soprano and tenor also on seagulls The Maids is Trad Gaelic reel. Seagulls is by us pair.

Both are work in Progress recorded on to an old Acer laptop running Cubase . Cheap Mic and head set . Done in between customers in my shop.
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Cool. I attempt to play Bodhran for Maids with the people in our village. I wish I could play soprano with them but I have an alto which would be too loud....

I listened again and it is really nice. Looking back through various celtic connections videos, I see that soprano is becoming a bit more popular in ITM/scottish folk.

Keep it up. What's your shop sell?

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