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Vinyl Memories

Rico Vandoren

I have a hi-fi turntable that I bought in 1981, and which was top-notch at the time ( a Rega Planar 3, no less ). Sometime in the 90's it developed a fault ( it kept speeding up and slowing down ) and as I was well into CD's by then I stopped using it altogether and my records were consigned to the back room, and later to the attic.

Anyway, today I tried it out, and found it to be working perfectly. I have a mixer that records directly to iPod, so I decided to dig out the old singles and put them on my iTunes.

Those of you about the same age as me ( 50 ) will remember saving up pocket money and going to the record shop, where you could listen to various singles before deciding which one to spend your hard earned/saved money on. My records became treasured possessions.

I haven't looked in my record boxes for about twenty years, and today was like meeting old friends. Almost every disc took me back to when and where I bought it, my friends and girlfriends at the time, secondary school and sixth form. I don't mind admitting the odd tear was shed.

I managed to get about twenty songs copied before the turntable started playing its old tricks again. I might just ask for one for Christmas and get all my LP's down from the attic!


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Well, what a coincidence. When I was a youth I bought a turntable, didn't have the cash for anything as good as a Rega so bought a Pioneer belt drive thing. After a while, guess what? It started to speed up and slow down at random. Stopped using it, bought a CD player, etc.

A few years later I bought a replacment turntable (a Linn, my financial situation's improved somewhat) and an analogue CD burner and copied all my favourite LPs onto CD. What a memory jogger. My eldest daughter was about five at the time and she saw the LPs. Her comment was 'those are big CDs, daddy'.

So, get yourself down to a quality vintage hi fi emporium and buy yourself a new turntable.


Snap! Mine's a Planar 3 too, but it's never developed the speed variation thing. Last used to copy Harvey and the Wallbangers' "Wallbangers A Gogo" and "Park the Tiger" to CD - those were the days...

Can thoroughly recommend Wave Corrector for de-clicking purposes.

And I note from Rega's web-site that they do a 24V motor upgrade kit which fits the Planar 3, so you could keep it...




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Definitely worth upgrading to the 24v!
I have a simple Pro-ject 1.2 from the early 2000s that I absolutely adore.

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My Linn LP12 dates from 1983 and is fine, as are the 700+ LPs I still have, albeit seriously outnumbered by the 2,500+ CDs I have :shocked::blush:


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Hi Folks!

I bought my Rega Planar 3 in 1979 for £130 from Russ Andrews Hi-Fi in Edinburgh, and sold it for £90 in 1990, when I got my LP12/Armageddon/Naim ARO/Lyra Lydian set up, which still functions perfectly 21 years on (1200 LPs). Last LP I bought was Hedonism by Bellowhead in 2010. Happy Days!
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