Mouthpieces Vintage Woodwind Educator bari B5


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Just received the mpc and surprise! the Rovner ligature that was too large for the Faxx (had to use a shim) is much too small for the Educator. With the reed under the ligature it goes on the mpc about halfway. It plays fine, but I would like to see more of the reed to vibrate. It is much fatter and shorter than the Faxx and Rico. When I slid it on the neck it came nearly to the end of the cork. I suppose I could look for a longer screw for the Rovner.
You'll probably find that putting a longer screw on the rovner isn't good, as the screw won't clear the mouthpiece body.
I see what you mean, Kev. I'll have to look for over-sized Rovner or traditional metal lig. Thanks.
You could look for bass sax ligs which will probably fit a big-bodied baritone mouthpiece. I have a couple of those old big bari pieces and that works for me.

Those mouthpieces also play pretty well on the bass sax, so you could try buying one of those. But it does get a bit expensive !

I'm still looking for a ligature for pickle barrel mpc, but will look for a bass lig as well. As for buying a bass, I had just paid off the Buescher bari, and yesterday UPS delivered my 1920 Buescher alto; my wife is beginning to look at me sideways, shaking her head. Thanks, Rhys.
i just received a couple of bass clarinet ligatures,they are huge,so will probably do the job...they were about $6 from the states,plus postage
Rhys, the bass sax Rovner lig is a perfect fit for the old baritone mpc. Thanks.

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