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Was searching the forum, looking for info on vintage horns, and saw this post. Since no one has had the temerity to respond, I'll throw my thoughts out there. (I have no shame LOL) I tell essentially the same thing to my clock customers when they ask what clocks they should acquire.

You have to decide why you want to restore the instrument. Are you intending to resell it? Are you wanting to play it ? Is it to add to a collection and become essentially a museum piece? Do you want something that is rare? (And remember, rarity usually has nothing to do with value. Most often things are rare either because they were poorly made to begin with, and simply did not survive; or because they were not desireable for any number of reasons. ) Are you looking to get something so that you can learn and practice restoration techniques? Each of these reasons dictates a slightly different approach to finding the "right" thing with which to begin. Ultimately, my recommendation is you not try to obtain something just as an investment. The market is too volatile for that. So only buy what you like.

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