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Saxophones Vintage Saxes


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I am posting this mainly for the prof, as I always do what I say I'm going to do.
Can't seem to leave a PM and the new BT hub is more off than on, but @prof you can have first bite at this list of Vintage Saxes, if your still interested send me a PM. To explain the situation to any other ( well almost) member. I have come across ( purchased a Conn 6M as described for a good price ) a seller located in the US, who has a basement full of Vintage Saxes and from what I can gather they sound like fixer uppers, or at least complete regulation and few new pads. And I would imagine at knock down prices. He is keen to give me a list, so anyone interested send me a PM. As I will only be communicating via PM for a short time. Nice knowing you all, well some of you. LOL
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