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Scam Vintage Sax Scams !!


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Hi to all

I am shocked a the amount of Scams that there are in relation to buying a Vintage Selmer or like !!!

So far I have found 5 that are total joke. Selling from one place ...but then they can only send you Pictures and post it from Never Never Land.

I find this unbelievable.

Ricky Eastman

Surprised you're surprised. I'd be really wary of getting anything like this without a face to face meet. I bought a Rampose & Cazzani R1 Jazz saxello about a year ago from a nice Auzzie chap in London. he'd hit hard times and I managed to buy it for a song. We met up, i tried it, it played well, had no damage and I got a proper receipt when I handed over the cash.

I was looking at getting a Mk VI this year but decided against it. Anyways, on here I got some good advice - in particular I was recommended to go to the MK VI Emporium that is Woodwind Exchange in Bradford. I spoke with them and they can have upwards of 5, 10 or even more MK VIs there but you'll be paying top $. Still a good place to go to see what's what in the MK VI world all in one place.

You wanna get yourself a 66RUL though. Bags of dark rich tenor sound and 60% of the cost of the MK VI.
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