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vintage GOLD PLATED "York" alto sax (made by Buescher) circa 1930


Chipping Campden
I bought this saxophone on here 3 months ago - here is the original post with details, photos and a video of it being played (far far better than I could ever dream of playing it!)

I am selling it along with lots of my other saxophone items, because I have returned to brass playing and have joined a brass band on Tenor Horn. I need to raise some funds to buy a tenor horn, and also need to concentrate my efforts that way.

So this lovely saxophone is for sale, it sounds amazing with a lovely warm tone, it comes with a vintage mouthpiece which has teeth marks but with a patch on it is great (maybe a Selmer looking at the shape, but I couldn't say for sure).

Will sell for what I paid for it £250 plus £15 postage within the UK.

This really is a bargain!

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