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Vintage Besson flugelhorn


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the Netherlands
Let me start saying that I know absolutely nothing about Flugelhorns.

I was given this in a trade (a nice lady wanted a Conn transitional alto saxophone and had no money i got a few items in exchange for a good Tranny.......perhaps this was unwise of me!).

So I based the trade on the fact that one identical instrument as this is sold for about 450€ in a major Dutch shop and figured that it would be worth at least 250€.


It is a Besson NEW Standard (I think it is in Bb) and it appears to be in very good state, everything moves the valves are fine.



it appears to be very similar if not identical to this on youtube (not mine! I am just borrowing the video for the purpose of illustration)

ok, I would like 250€ including 13€ to the Charity and shipping from the Netherlands and paypal included
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