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Saxophones Vibrato sax, for live play?


Miami, Florida, United States

A few years ago, I read up on the Vibrato sax, the plastic sax, that never seemed to hit the market.
That was back in '09 or something.

I read many topics about what happened to the sax?

When I look online now, the price is a staggering $650-$800, and $1200 for the black version with gold/yellow keys.

Way overpriced if you ask me, but regardless, I was looking forward to the experience of owning one, and using it for my practice, as I have a neck injury, that does not allow me to hold anything heavier than a soprano sax for more than 2 hours.
I could do an alto sax for 2 hours, but be in pain. I also tried the harness, which helps somewhat, but still leaves me in pain (shoulders and neck muscles got damaged in an accident, and have never really healed).

So, in short, the sax, despite it's huge price, was a good alternative for practice, as I'm practicing A LOT more than playing live.
You think it could be a good sax for live situations too?

Also, can I fit any regular, on the market, mouthpiece for alto's on it, or does it use a specialized mouthpiece?

Thanks for the advice!
The teacher in a workshop I attend bought one of these plastic saxes in white from a couple of weeks back. The first time she used it was when we all went busking in Cardiff Bay just after it arrived. I couldn't believe how light the thing is and the deep base it put out. She does have a problem with the odd squeak but I suspect that is down to the standard mouthpiece which she still hadn't changed when she brought it to the class last week. I had a go on it last week using my mouthpiece (so in answer to your question, you can use others MP's like you would on a normal sax) and would have to say that I'm not sure if I could live with it on a permanent basis but what a great tool for practice or if you are suffering with weight issues with a standard sax.
I've played one, with a standard Yanagisawa ebonite mouthpiece on it. Played just like a sax, apart from being light enough to play without a sling. I wish I'd taken my own mouthpiece, but other than that it just played. Reasonable tone, too. I think the tunring went a little wild at the top, but I'm sure with half an hour I'd adjust to that by ear and adjust for it.
I have tried one,but was not impressed,it felt like a toy and yes it was light but it felt as though if you pressed too hard on the keys it would break,probably wouldn't but just gave that impression,didn't like to sound either but i can see why they might be good for practise,my motives for buying one were for health reasons but they are too expensive.
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I thought this was going to be a $300 sax; in some ways I regret not buying it back in the days.
$700-$800 is a far cry from that price!

As far as the transparent sax, I'm not into seeing a fishtank full of spit... I probably will want the regular version, thank you...
But the prices are a bit outrageous. I understand someone needs to make money, but a sax like this would be awesome if it was lower than $400!
Even $600 is a very big chunk of money for a thing like this!

I'm sure if they would drop the price a bit, a lot more people would buy it!
Seems loud enough to me.

The teacher brought it in again last night but this time with a different mouthpiece and I don't remember hearing any more squeaks but her finger did slip off the G sharp one time, which is very out of character for her.
It's just as loud or quiet as you play it. Brass/plastic doesn't make much difference to the volume, if any.

Thanks guys,
I went for the purchase. Found it cheapest on Evilbay, for $680 something, shipping included. It's quite a bunch, but yeah... I get $12,8 back from ebay for the purchase, so that's also something...

Perhaps later I'll change the hideous orange pads. Unfortunately, silver, gold, or grey pads are not sold online.
Only the funky children colors (like crayon colors, pink, purple, yellow, etc...).
Don't particularly like those colors...
Perhaps yellow is the best, but also overpriced.
$65 + $14 shipping is outrageous!

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