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Saxophones Vibrato A1 Polycarbonate Eb Alto Saxophone


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Norfolk, UK
TipTop Player gives demo :clapping: :w00t:

£350 for a Brand New Alto without case

Must have missed this on the forum.

What do you think Sunray

Teebones :old:

Hey Hey Teebones ...

How's yer luck mate ... ;}

Did you mean "Wot do I fink"? - TipTop Player gives demo ...Pete ... He is the man ... :sax:

Or "Wot do I fink"? About the plastic "fing er me jig" £350 for a Brand New Alto without case...

Nah! I no like it! - :rolleyes: ... I much prefer my Yanni T9932J ... Cos I am a Tart ... :blowkiss:

Keep Honking Teebones ... :mrcool

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