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Saxophones Vibrato A1 & A1S is now completed


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vey nice, can't wait. Any pictures of the case and mouthpieces or other accessories?


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Very slow website launch ...

In my quest to find out a little more I tried the link to your website from your facebook account ...

The graphic on the index page is large and takes forever to load ....

Once you see the enter link for the mainpage ... Once again it sits there forever attampting to load Slooooooooooowwwwlllyy ... :shocked:

I hope that helps guys ... I will try again in a few days ... ;}

Good luck ...

PS This is not a criticism ... Hopefully a helpful comment ... :)


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I had a listen earlier this morning. Not bad, Will be interesting to see a live one!

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In my trad trombone days, would have been happy to play alongside an A1S. If the Preservation Hall Boys let one in, it can't be bad, so see no reason to change my mind. Hope they are going to produce a baritone, might just be able to afford it, after all, who needs food?


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well, there have been clarinets, oboes, bassoons made in clear acrylic .............


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That is why we only have 2, actualy we need it for testing reason to see how the pad level itself and the octave vent on the tube get away with condens problem and all the sealing work correctly.


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Hey Vibrato,

How far is mass production and international sales going?
I heard so far there is little interest in international sales channels..

I also heard the sax has a problem on a sharp somewhere (valve not closing), is that true?

I think people's greatest fear with this sax is that some of the parts of the rods are made of plastic, and that over time the plastic may wear out and break.
Perhaps fear that the valves haven't been tested by the one million pressure test (opening and closing the valves 1M times).

At first I feared the horn would break easily, it being plastic, and knowing a lot of the Chinese plastics are watered down and weakened versions of the ones found in western industries; but after seeing some product reviews, and the product up close myself I think the horn/body is not the greatest problem here, and the plastic might actually do just fine...

I still wish I could hear it play live.

Many people say it's brighter than a regular sax, perhaps in the 3-5kHz region, but I find the finesse, the real brightness, the brilliance of a metal sax is more audible than on a vibrato sax (the 6-20kHz region seems inaudible to me, judging from hearing the audio samples).

Are you in process to create a soprano sax too?
I think it would be a great addition, and great value.

The only downside of what I heard ($400 for a vibrato?), is that the vibrato costs about as much as Chinese 'student' saxes (made out of real metal), though granted they are very bad saxes that at times are out of tune.
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