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I normally play alto/tenor both are selmer S80's which I find are great. I also have a yamaha soprano which has played very well with no problems at all until last night !!
I hadn't used the instrument for about 3 months but deciced to get it out for a blow. It has been left at ambient temperature with a pad saver in the original case.
Now with the octave key pressed the top end works fine but when fingering the 'E' I get a higher pitch note (aproximately a 'B') and fingering the 'D' gives an 'A'. In the lower octave all notes play perfectly.
I have checked linkages etc. for signs of sticking but all apears to be operating as it should.
I have tried different mouthpieces and reeds but all to no avail.
I can only guess that the instrument is mis-behaving thro' lack of use but what is causing this problem and how do I overcome it ?????

2 days later .......... Found the problem !!

A spring on the octave mechanism had found its way onto the wrong side of its post and was simply put back to the correct side and HEY PRESTO all is well again.

Moral of this tale ............ Look more closely, I guess, at how things should work.

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