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Various mouthpieces, Tenor/Alto/Baritone.

Here is my little list, ALL prices include standard international shipping from Norway, not tracked, but i always send a copy of the postal receipt as proof of shipping, but if you wish to pay that bit extra for tracked then no problem.

Baritone mouthpieces-
1..Vintage Berg Larsen hard rubber 115/1/M - this had a couple of nicks on the inside of the rail but i used epoxy to smooth it over, BIG sound, plays great. - $275
2..Dukoff Miami M7, metal - $285
3..King 6* refaced to 7, metal - $155

Tenor mouthpieces-
1..Geoff Lawton 8 star BB refaced by me to a MB1 - this had been my main piece for 20 years, i refaced it and put a slight step baffle in it, also replaced the biteplate with full epoxy, but i still have the original biteplate if you wish to put that back, it had a tooth mark i filled with epoxy, I just fancied a full epoxy biteplate at the time, it is not the prettiest looking but makes no difference to the playing it is a great work horse power house cos it blows like a storm.- $375
2..Peter Ponzol Keilwerth 7 hard rubber - $75

Alto mouthpieces-
1..Guardala studio COPY - $125
2..Selmer jazz silver plated C* - slight mini nick in the arch of the opening but makes no difference to the playing at all, just cosmetic and the reed covers that anyway! and i also made a removable epoxy baffle for this which adds great projection - $165

if you want pictures PM me.

Prices are in U.S $$'s but that makes no difference if you pay me with PayPal but you pay the small charge as I am paying for shipping please.

And for those who need to convert from dollars to Pounds:

5% donation will be made if any are sold here.
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