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Formerly known as "nachoman"
brighton by the sea
Mr Lawrence’s musical gear clear out pre- Ebay. Various bits of kit that I can’t justify keeping hold of in these credit crunchy times…..

Chieftain tuneable Penny Whistle in D- pristine condition ( … £60

Chieftain Tuneable Low Whistle in D- pristine condition ( )….. £80

Yamaha 221 Flute….. This flute is very well used. It’s in need of some pad work has quite a bit of wear to its finish (and a small dent in the head joint- though it doesn’t affect playability). It’s also got a lot of wear to the lip plate and I’ve taken to covering it in a thin layer of tape to avoid contact with the base nickel. It’s been round the block a few items but it’s a Yamaha and it plays well when set up properly- big, loud and powerful with a nicely even response. Would want £99 for this old beast…..

Black-star HT-Boost Preamp unit - (I used this to grunge up my harmonica tone for live gigs)…. Designed for giving a warm, valve based drive for guitars, but works a treat with blues harps- £65

Postage- could send whistles for a £5 or £10 for the flute or preamp unit….

£5 per item to the Pete fund

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