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That Champix/Chantix/varenicline is nasty stuff. It's a scandal that it ever got licensed. There have been a few payouts as a result of side-effects/deaths...but someone really ought to serve a stretch inside for what this drug has done to people.
And what about the tobacco companies? And the legalisation of marijuana, which has serious psychological side effects in some?

This becomes an issue with no answers...

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What! When they are recommended by so may doctors?
Pah! That's nothing!
When I copped a dose of Hep A back in 't '80s, my doc told me it'd be 6 months off the beer. I was downcast, and seeing this he asked "Do you like a bit of weed?"
"Why yes" I replied (as one does).
"Well, that'll be fine"

I thought about it for, oooooh, three seconds, and then piped up with "Can I get it on prescription?"

"Nice try, mate...nice try!"

Stephen Howard

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Ah, another 'study'.

This highlights my earlier point precisely. People do these studies but 'forget' to put them in any kind of meaningful perspective. You end up with a headline that, on closer examination, bears little or no relation to the study.
In the meantime the general public runs around screaming, politicians cry "Down with this sort of thing!" - and several thousand people who might have made a beneficial change to their lives decide to stick with the devil they know.

There are dozens of such studies published every week - and what you have to do is wait a couple of weeks until the methodology and the results have been examined by someone who's not in the business of selling which point the reaction nearly always turns out to be "Meh".

Here are a couple of guys who really know their stuff...

expert reaction to e-cigarettes and DNA damage | Science Media Centre
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