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Vandoren V16 tenor mouthpieces and lig for sale


Hi all,

Having fairly recently changed tenor from my old MkVI to a 82z, I have two tenor mouthpieces that I'd like to sell that are not a good match for the Yamaha and me:

1. Vandoren T95 V16 metal. £180. In very good condition - no damage at all except for scuffs / lig marks on the barrel. I've been using this mouthpiece for 3 years and believe it to be the best mouthpiece (out of many) that I've used on tenor. Large chamber, with a steep rollover baffle - so big-toned, with a bit of edge. Brand new they are £375. I wouldn't be selling it but for the fact the high register plays so sharp on the Yamaha that it's not realistically usable. It was perfect on my MkVI.

2. Vandoren metal lig for V16 metal mouthpiece. £50. Again, in almost as new condition, with three interchangeable pressure plates and a Berg Larsen plastic cap. These are £130 new.

If you'd be interested in the T95 and the lig together, you can have them for £210

3. Vandoren V16 T8 ebonite mouthpiece. £80. As new, boxed. If you'd like a lig and cap for it, I'll throw in a mint Rovner "light" for another £10.

Postage £5 UK recorded, £8 Europe.

I was down at and Jules helped me find a very suitable alternative - an FL Spectruoso - that I now need to finance!:shocked:



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