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Vandoren Tenor Reeds

Il Padrino

Box 1 (5 pack) , Vandoren V16 - Strength 2 - 4 still in foil, 1 used for literally less than a minute.

Box 2 (5 pack), Vandoren Java Red (Filed) - Strength 2.5. Four still in foil, 1 used, again, for literally less than a minute.

(Both played reeds then disinfected.)

You might be wondering why I didn't persist or try another from each box? After this much time playing saxes, I can tell what the core sound of the reed and thus the rest of the box will sound like, even if the reed I've tried is a dud. I no longer bother filing or clip them if the core sound doesn't suit my mouthpiece. Many may disagree, but that's my working philosophy ;)

Each box £11 including postage to UK, with £1 from each box going to Pete's charity.
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