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Belfast, N.Ireland
I went to purchase some Vandoren clarinet reeds at the weekend, from my local music shop, only to see the shelves empty of Vandoren reeds and only Rico Royals available.

I was advised that Vandoren's reeds were all destroyed in recent floods (I'm not sure where they grow them) and that no Vandoren reeds would be available until the next growth was available.

The shop only had a handful of Vandoren soprano reeds left and advised that for any retailers selling Vandorens, it was just remaining stock.

I'm not sure if anyone else is aware of this as I couldn't find and reference on the Vandoren website (although I suppose they're unlikely to advertise the fact that they've no stock available)

I got some Vandorens in Dawkes, Maidenhead a couple of weeks ago. Their prices are very good and include P&P, so you could try giving them a ring.
Could always take this as a sign from God that you should start using Marca Superiere Clarinet reeds, available from Howarth's. After all , they are only Vandoren's

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