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Vandoren Java T75 Tenor Mouthpiece, BG Ligature and Plastic Cap.

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Every now again, guilt makes me offer items for Pete's charities. Here is a chance to evade the normal Croydon and Sarf Lundun Massive's doubtful trading practices and avail yourself of a bargain

My first decent mouthpiece, only used whilst waiting for delivery of my beloved RPC and always with a patch. Comes with a BG L13 Sax Tenor Standard Ligature and a plastic cap. 109 thou tip but not a hard blow and medium long facing which should make bending slightly easier, if you are an idiot like me.

Paid £80 brand new from Just Flutes, who now ask £114-73.

£50 including ligature and cap. Bid here first but payment will be to Pete. Despatched by signed for Royal Mail, when confirmation of payment received from that nice Mr. Thomas. Like new except for slight lig wear on the gold coloured Java and T75 ident but will require assurance that it is not to be immediately traded for profit, unless you are willing to donate that profit to Pete's charity.

post script:pete, what's this? Not only am I donating this lot and the postage but now there is a need to choose either Seller Donates or Wanted.:)


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Hi Bill

I'd like to buy this on your very generous terms, please. I had been thinking about one of these for use on my C Mel, now I am using my Link full time on tenor.

I know I'm a bit of a mouthpiece tart, so if I ever flog it, if I make a profit I'll undertake to donate double the profit to Pete.

If no-one else has got it, let me know and I'll send Pete the dosh. If it's convenient I could collect on the way home rather than yuo posting it.


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