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Reeds valuation on vintage rico tenor reeds?


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I am curious cos i seen an empty box in a condition not as good as mine but exactly the same make and style on ebay with a starting bid of $18 so i wonder what my unopened full box will be worth.


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the Netherlands
the only way to know is to put it on the ebay and see what it gets.

Seriously. It is not as if there is a “ market” price or a going price for things like this.

The value is established the moment you sell it.

I have seen (and bought) older unopened boxes of reeds ( even earlier than these) going for less than the price of a new box of reeds but if you find someone that goes all soft and nostalgic about a box of reeds from the ’80 maybe they are prepared to pay more.

It is not that these are special reeds from the ’30 is a highly decorative box.

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