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Reeds valuation on vintage rico tenor reeds?

I am curious cos i seen an empty box in a condition not as good as mine but exactly the same make and style on ebay with a starting bid of $18 so i wonder what my unopened full box will be worth.
the only way to know is to put it on the ebay and see what it gets.

Seriously. It is not as if there is a “ market” price or a going price for things like this.

The value is established the moment you sell it.

I have seen (and bought) older unopened boxes of reeds ( even earlier than these) going for less than the price of a new box of reeds but if you find someone that goes all soft and nostalgic about a box of reeds from the ’80 maybe they are prepared to pay more.

It is not that these are special reeds from the ’30 is a highly decorative box.
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