Valuable Saxophones Stolen near Cologne, Germany

Now this is unbelievable and a true shock for every player. A friend's horn were stolen three nights ago in a burglary in Frechen near Cologne, Germany. Other things were stolen, too, so it seems this burglary was not directly addressed to the four saxes. I will post a link to the German saxophoneforum below with a detailed description and pics. First of all, here's the list of the stolen instruments including serial numbers:


Selmer Balanced Action serial number 25196
silver neck
black case with Selmer logo

Selmer MK VI serial number 180508
silver lacquer
case is of a Selmer Limited Edition Hummingbird
accessories in the case: professional ear plugs for protection, strap with stickers, reeds Francois Louis 3,5, mouthpiece Vandoren V16, ligature Vandoren Optimum gold lacquer

King Super 20 serial number 406303
with original King case


Selmer MK VI serial number will be added asap
cork is worn at the upper end
original case, mouthpiece Meyer, gold lacquered ligature Vandoren Optimum

This is the link to the thread in the German forum with pictures:

Please inform me asap if any of these instruments is found in the internet. Thanks.
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Just posted this on my Facebook - see the "What have you Posted on Facebook This week" thread.

I suggest that others might do likewise, especially those with contacts nearer the point of theft - but they could turn up anywhere...
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