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Using voice effects in an instrumental performance


Hertfordshire, England

I was just wondering if anybody has had any experience with having to use vocal effects during a piece before? For example having to grunt. I've found it's a lot of fun and often adds character to a piece.

In the past I've done it three times; my first experience being when I had to play 'The Flintstones' and as you would guess, I had to say Yabadabadoo! Which was very fun! I've also had to grunt in 'Instant concert' Which is absolutely BRILLIANT!

My most recent being me having to yell 'Hey' which you can easily make effective with a deep voice, despite it occasionally coming out as a squeak :shocked: (not fun) It's for a grade 6 piece and the poor child setting up her clarinet didn't see it coming ;} (if any of you have heard of it/would like to play it, it is Gipsy songs from 'The light touch book 2)

Its definitely a lot of fun, but have any of you experienced this, and would you be embarrassed to do it in an exam or performance?

Cheers in advance,


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Do plenty of this on harmonica, check out Sonny Terry for some great vocal effects, but not really convinced it would work on sax.... tend to leave stuff like this to lead vocalists...

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