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update on what I have for sale


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi All, I don't want to keep clogging posts with my collection of instruments I need to reduce

here is an update on what I have available and 5% of each sale will go to the fund, post costs to the UK are included in my asking prices and no extra.

Brand new Elkhart Series 2 alto with all accessories included, this is untouched so £260 and this includes post

B&H plastic Emperor clarinet, lovely instrument £150, postage included (this is a steal!)

Selmer/Florentin Barbier older clarinet in Selmer case, does play but needs care and there is a ham fisted glue repair to a crack in the bell, nothing drastic but it just looks gross to me!
I'm sure easily smoothed out and rectified - £110, postage included

My flute did not sell on here which was all proceeds to the fund. It didn't get a great deal of interest but not a problem, this and a few more of my collection will possibly be going to my local Church brigade band at very low prices to help get people playing music and members playing instruments :)

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