Update on paraschos wooden crook


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I received my new Parashcos neck on Tuesday last and have spent the rest of this week to-ing and fro-ing between it and my original Yani bronze neck. My first reaction was that I seemed to be getting an awful lot more volume for the same volume of air I would usually use during practice. Sounding the horn off a wall the focus of the sound seemed much broader and the harmonics in the lower register much more apparent whilst in the upper register top d/e/f etc just seemed to pop out almost effortlessly! Having said all that it is, of course, my newest toy and I may well be persuading myself of all these things, and so tomorrow to "MAN EAST" for his trial of the beast who no doubt will post in a much more eloquent and informative way as he certainly seems(some say) to have the hearing sense of a dog! See you monday mate;}
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