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Accessories Update on my quest to get a bari case for £150.00

Rick Reed

Coventry United Kingdom
Just a quick update for those who may be interested in my quest to get a bari case for £150.00.
I managed to do it!! (or nearly anyway). I finally got a Protec from Thomman (a German/European internet company) for the grand total of £168.00 including delivery from Germany. This was approximately £82.00 cheaper than anywhere else in the UK.The service was excellent as well. Delivered in 4 days.
The case is also impressive.Very well made & structurally solid. It fits the Martin Bari a treat with lots of room for your bits and pieces.
One very satisfied bari player!!!!:)


Enfield, North London
I've dealt with Thomann several times. Their service is excellent.

I'm annoyed that I had to import a hard case for my Ibanez acoustic bass.
Loads of UK dealers will stock the instrument, but not the case!
It won't fit into anything but the case made for it, wake up and stock it.
Arcades ambo.


ex Landrover Nut
Café Supporter
Just north of Munich
I had a problem with them - I ordered a lig,not realising it was discontinued. I waited and waited.... Chased them, got told they were waiting for stock. Eventually I was looking for alternatives and realised the one I'd ordered was no longer on the manufacturers web site.... Discontinued. Trying to explain that in my German was difficult, but there was no trouble changing the order. A couple of months later the discontinued lig was still listed (as out of stock).


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Sound's really frustrating!

I have also had very good experience with them - bought a ProTec Curved Soprano Case for my BW amongst other things - only £10 or so flat rate postage. Most recently an 18" x 18" x 18" box arrived which only contained a trumpet mouthpiece! (could have used a jiffy bag!). Prices have risen in recent years, but they do have some good stock at very good prices.

Glad you found a Baritone Case - happy man!
Kind regards

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