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Update from Devon

Pete C

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Hi all, haven't posted for a while and in case there are new members in the Southwest, would like to let them know I am playing jazz gigs around the area and teaching saxophone in Exeter. I have another of my jazz improv workshops coming up at Exeter Phoenix on 1st Nov - it's fully booked (sorry Griff you just missed the last place) but if that sounds like something of interest, please get in touch as I'm sure there will be more. In fact planning a couple more further afield including one for people who play but are new to improvising. What else? Oh yes have been learning the drums for the past year or so and may even have a gig on drums coming up in the Oxjam event on 25th Oct (scared stiff!). Still loving the Mauriat 66RUL tenor in fact think I'm still developing the sound even after 10 months on it and it's horribly green now! Have also recently got hold of a nice Selmer SA80II soprano which I am enjoying. Hope you are all well. Pete
Hello Pete
Thought I'd say hello as no one else has had the time.
Nice to see you back.
Did notice that your last CD got a mention in Jazzwise last year.
Where can we get hold of it?
Selmer SA80II soprano which I am enjoying. Hope you are all well. Pete[/QUOTE said:
Welcome back. What type of soprano is that? curved etc. I am not up on sopranos just have a straight Yamaha....... would love a curved one.
Ununbium & Selmer soprano

Hi Andrew, thanks for saying hi, Ununbium the CD is available from me see website at or pm me.

Hi Richard - the Selmer SA80II soprano is one of the last straight sops before the fashion for curved necks and detaching straight or curved necks came in. Griff and others kept telling me that Yanis are the best for tuning but having tried a few of them found them a bit bland - just something about the Selmer sound - also please note I am not a Selmer snob as last year I gave up on Selmer tenors in favour of Mauriat.



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