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unsure question


linc's (between boston & spalding
i have been having trouble coming down of the octave key to the g key all other keys work well no probs,today i was looking at how the octave key works ,
the question is should the side octave key close because at the moment it stays open until i let go of the g key i hope this makes sense,if i let go and reapply it works fine as the g key holds the side octav key open until i let go of the g key,
any idea's it that how it is supposed to work, am i missing something:w00t:
The octave mechanism should work like this:

any note that requires the G key and the octave key to be pressed will open the body octave key and the crook ( neck) octave key should shut fully.

Any note that does not require the G key to be depressed whilst the octave key is operated i.e A - C#, the opposite should happen i.e the body octave key should shut fully and the crook octave key should open.

usually when people have problems with the octave mech its down to one of 5 factors IMHO

1. The keywork is binding on the rod screw(axle)
2. The crook key is not fully closed at rest because it is touching the loop on the crook key.
3. A spring issue.
4. A regulation issue where a cork has come off a part of the mechanism.
5. one or both of the octave pips has an obstruction.( dirt or fluff in it)
hi thanks for your reply when one is open does the other close?
ps the body key stays open after you close thethe octav key until you release the g is this right ?
thanks pip

Pip, the body key should be open when the G key is pressed down and the octave key is pressed. If you have the G key pressed and remove your thumb from the octave key the body key should close and the crook key should remain closed also.
Pip, there are 2 springs holding the body octave pip closed. The one holding the octave lever off the body, and the one holding the G pad open.

The body pip is opened by the spring on the neck once the lever from the G key lifts off. There's a period when both pips are open as you switch from body to neck and back.

It's easy to knock the spring on the octave lever off as you're cleaning.

you can easily check if your speings are woirking correctly.

1. the crook key spring - hold the crook by the cork end of the neck so that the crook tenon ( the cylindrical bit) is facing you then with your free hand lift the crook ley by pulling it away from you - the key should spring back to the closed position.

2. the octave lever spring - with the crook off the sax press the octave key and let it go - the key should spring back up to its original position.
hi griff
i think this has been a problem since i bought it as i have allways had a problem droping down from the octav key open when and g is kept open, it seems that the spring was on the wrong side keeping it open until the g was released then it would return to closed.
A VERY BIG THANK YOU as this has made playing much simpler ,
after i think of the hours i have spent trying to do it even when i had a teacher i told him i was having trouble and did not have clue what was wrong ,
well happy days
many thanks

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