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Klamath Falls, OR, United States
....because I play at the bleeding edge (and a little beyond) my capabilities. Hello, all! Played clarinet until I heard the High School Jazz band, then VOLUNTARILY went to summer school :eek: to learn. Ended up as 1st tenor in my Senior year. Took a hiatus (Navy) and thought about little else (besides my nuke submariner job) but to get back to playing. Found a teacher who could get the riffs out of my head and into my fingers, quit a civilian nuke engineering job and toured for 4 years, picking up keyboards on-the-fly.

Decided being a broke musician wasn't my lifestyle, so got a computer degree from Cal Poly (the REAL one). Continued playing while I was in school (and working a computer job). Graduated, moved to Long Beach to work for McDonnell-Douglas. Began doing midi on a Commodore 64. Off-and-on since then but I've retired from useful work and began doing a midi-keyboard-sax-vocals act (that's where the Unsafe Sax name comes in). Have recently joined a Classic Rock/R&B group called The Threadz. Gigging weekly and spending the rest of my time at the keyboard stack learning their tunes. Other interests include aviation (Commercial Pilot license), SCUBA, shooting (targets), film and (now that my knees have forbidden me to play tennis and racquetball), bowling. Good sport for a town which can be covered in snow for 4-6 months.

And that's the SHORT version of my bio.

Be glad to hear from any and all,

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