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Unique rehearsal venue


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Ohio USA
We hold regular rehearsals on the second floor of a military air museum in a large conference room.
Today, however, there was another event being held in that room so we were permitted to conduct our rehearsal in the hanger. We faced away from all of those planes but I sat four feet away from an Sopwith Triplane built in 1916. Yes, Snoopy was in the cockpit and there were a few times when I had trouble paying attention to our director as I just wanted to look around. The hanger door was half open so that one could see other warplanes on the tarmac outside. As we finished the day, a military helicopter was taking off from the National Guard base nearby. Many of us just stood outside and watched it leave.
It was a pretty cool experience. I'm sure we won't be doing that too often, as the museum conducts tours daily and I'm sure they lost some revenue allowing us to use the space for a few hours.
My hat is off to all of you that are veterans.


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Surrey, UK
Our function band played for a party being held at the Army Flying Museum, Middle Wallop. Playing for the dancers amid the collection of historic aircraft was strange but fun and we had a chance to walk around the displays as the party goers had their dinner.

The acoustics weren't great but it was a memorable gig.


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