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Two Saxscae Uptown Tenor Mouthpieces for sale!


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Hi Folks!

I have decided to sell my two Saxscape Uptown (non-prototype) Tenor mouthpieces. They are both in superb condition and are lovely players at either end of the Brightness/Darkness continuum.

1. The Uptown Live. This has a tip opening of 0.112" - now known just as the "Live" http://www.saxscape.com/mpc/tenor/uptown-live/ It is both bright and full-bodied and has been my main bright piece until I acquired the Phil-Tone Isotope in recent weeks. It features on several SOTW threads and is highly thought of.

Price: £95 inc free UK shipping. Trial's welcome.

2. The Uptown Benny Golson. This has a tip opening of 0.106" and was a unique design of the Xtra Dark mouthpiece for Benny Golson - http://www.saxscape.com/mpc/tenor/uptown-benny-golson/ . It is a darker mouthpiece with a lovely sound. It is a slim profile and fits a Selmer 404/Rovner Light L13 tenor ligature. This was Bernny Golson's view of it -

"THIS NEW ONE IS IT. Right on the money. Though I will carry my old metal Otto Link in my case as an extra, yours will definitely be my primary one. It's like a gift from heaven. Its sound is overwhelmingly beautiful ... full, round, dark and completely individualistic. It's my sound, Ken. It's the sound I've dreamed of all my life. You are the undisputed master in my book. Absolutely wonderful! It makes me not want to put my horn down; I just want to listen to my horn's new, wonderful sound over and over again. I'm completely overwhelmed and grateful." -- Jazz legend Benny Golson on the Uptown Xtra Dark large chamber .130 tip opening (now renamed as the Benny Golson model); February 2007

Price: £95 inc. free UK shipping. Trial's welcome.

Both prices include 5% to Pete's fund.
PM me with any queries.

Kind regards
Tom :thumb:
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Benny Golson is on trial! Apparently..............
The Uptown Live is also on trial..........................
The Uptown Live is now sold! Donation is on its way.
Benny Golson has been released and is still available!
The Uptown Benny Golson has been reduced to £85, inc. free UK shipping.
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