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Two Alto Mouthpieces for sale


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Montreal, QC, Canada.
Selling off two alto mouthpieces, a Lebayle Studio 7 Metal and E.Rousseau JDX 6. Both were bought used off ebay. I'll put them up here for a week, if there is no interest by the 10th of September 2011, I'll pop 'em on ebay :)

WLF_5360.jpg WLF_5358.jpg
Lebayle Studio 7 Metal for Alto. Comes with Ligature, Cap and Box. £100 + S/H

WLF_5362.jpg WLF_5361.jpg
E. Rousseau JDX 6 Ebonite for Alto. Only comes with the box. £45 + S/H

5% of sale to Pete's Charity.

Reason for selling: Baffled pieces not for me at this point in time.

Please PM me, I take paypal.


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Well im interested in the Lebayle, are you looking to swap for another metal or for something different.

1- I have an unusual Selmer Metal mouthpiece- The Mouthpiece Museum only describes it as "Metal Model", however it has the Jazz engraved on the table and it has a C lay.
2- I have a very old Brilhart Streamline 4 digit (so sort after) however it's had some wear to it and the mouthpiece patch would need reattaching (i still have it somewhere-i think) But still it produces such a bright sound and i would keep it but i prefer my berg larsen. The Writing is very scratched but you can still make out the 4 digits (5637).

Hope these might tempt you.

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